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Luma Capital

The favourite place for visitors and businesses

Your office close to your house


Offices and business premises with an extend distribution, comfortable parking lot ; buying will be as easier as parking your car.

Visit all the privileges that our spaces offer, made with the highest quality, style and security standards, located in the best residential spot in Queretaro.

Luma Capital was designed and thought to offer a complete and diverse proposal of products and services, that generates a wide range of motives for visitors to come back.

Offering visitors, a space to enjoy, a meeting spot that will permit them to socialize and interact, living an exceptional experience.

In search of the best working practices, Luma Capital offers to its clients and business owners services and infrastructure of first quality for daily use, as:

  • Luxury lobby
  • Meeting rooms
  • Dining room area
  • Parking lot
  • Playground
  • Roof garden
  • Panoramic views

Luma Capital offers areas for commerce and offices in formats and sizes that optimize the commercial management, searching the development of innovative and attractive proposals for everyone.

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