Who are we?


Momentum Grupo Empresarial 30M, S.A. de C.V. is a 100% Mexican construction company founded in 2008. The group is dedicated to the Construction Industry, always selecting the best locations to consolidate each one of its projects.

Dreaming innovative architectural design and forward looking projects, respecting and fulfilling quality standards, and searching innovation in every moment.

What distinguishes our group is our passion, commitment, responsibility and honesty to our client satisfaction.

Grupo Momentum, committed with the environment and with construction savings, looks for efficiency and cost reduction without sacrificing quality. The Group is composed with professionals and staff with extended expertise in the industry, giving as an added value a personalized attention to their clients and suppliers, always appreciating loyalty and commitment.


Become leaders in edification and sales in segments such as Malls, Housing, Industrial and Institutional Developments; offering always the best prices in the market, superior quality and a differentiation in the market.


Passion, commitment, responsibility, honesty and customer satisfaction.
Appropriate, effective and opportune attention, gives us the trust and fidelity of our recurrent customers.
Honesty at personal and professional level, develops internal and customer relationships, which translates into transparent work.
Good working environment is implemented by respecting politics and being tolerant, in addition to team work, these values are the highest actives of Grupo Momentum and are what moves the company.

MEES Certification


As part of the commitment with environmental caring and sustainability, Grupo Momentum is in process of achieving the MEES Certification (Evaluation Methodology for Sustainable Edifications), commonly known as BREEAM pilot program- in the following projects: Luma Capital, World Trade Center Querétaro, Momentum Centro Sur and Aira.

This certification encourages a more sustainable construction (sustainable: what can maintain in time by itself, without external help and without producing scarcity of existing resources) that brings economic, environmental and social benefits for all involved in the building’s life (promoters, owners, tenants and /or users).